About Cranfords

organically grown & additive-free

Cranfords Cannabis Cigarettes are America’s first consistent, great tasting, and highly effective marijuana cigarette. Enjoy them with friends or alone, discreetly and freely as you would with other legal products.

Cranfords team is dedicated to delivering an organically grown, additive-free product to our consumers in accordance with all legal requirements.

Cranfords Cigarettes are packed with organically grown, high quality cannabis. Our product is slow cured to ensure a smooth draw with every smoke.

Our product is produced in state of the art, safe, factory conditions under the strain names of our award winning genetics partner; RARE DANKNESS.

The team at Cranfords Cannabis Cigarettes put a lot of thought into our custom packages so that no matter where you are enjoying them, your cigarette will remain fresh and protected from damage. Keep this retro custom tin as a Colorado keepsake to remind you of the mountains or it can be recycled for the love of our green earth.

Contact Cranfords to distribute cannabis cigarettes in your licensed marijuana facility.

Cranfords are America’s first cannabis cigarettes, a distinction which speaks to our company’s drive and dedication to the industry.

The Cranfords Story

how it all began

Cranfords brand is happy to be kicking off our distribution in Colorful Colorado where recreation and medication are now legal!

The History of Cranfords is filled with Gatsby-like stories and entrepreneurs at heart. When you see your dreams go after them!

-No Tobacco.

-No Additives.

-No Chemicals.

-Rare Dankness Strains.


-Americas First Cannabis Cigarette.

-Novelty Item.

-The tin says it all!

-Show off to your friends and family!

-Very cool and retro but classy design.





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